Over the years, UMBC has been lucky to have been served by some of the finest baseballers, officials, adminstrators and coaches that Victorian baseball has seen.

Our club has honoured the contributions of many of these supporters by awarding them Life Membership with UMBC. A full listing of UMBC Life Members follows:


Life Member Year Awarded
Dr ET Austen 1957
Mr CD Barr 1957
Mr CL James 1957
Dr JA MacDonnell 1961
Mr JO Sawyer 1963
Miss M Barr 1966
Dr AT Davies 1968
Mr E Cropley 1969
Mr D Macleod 1969
Mr BF Lynch 1972
Mr WH Saggers 1972
Mr B O’Keefe 1974
Mr AH Anderson 1978
Mr DG Begbie 1979
Dr D Propert 1985
Mr G Bitmead 1986
Mr I Sherwell 1989
Dr K Hince 1989
Mr J Bates 1992
Mr P De Losa 1995
Mrs H Dixon 1995
Mr GR Evans 1996
Mr R Gross 1996
Mr GJ Watson 1996
Mr R McLellan 1997
Mr K Hager 1997
Mr G Freeman 1997
Ms K Balzat 2000
Mr L Carrigan 2001
Mr G Bales 2001
Mr M Woods 2003
Ms C Greenwood 2005
Dr K Siemering 2005
Mr R Simpson 2006
Mr R King 2008
Mr M Gregory 2011
Mr S Lehmann 2013
Ms V Pedersen 2016
Mr M Fuller 2020
Mr J Dann 2021