In 2017 UMBC is seeking to create an internally run social league to serve as a fun and budget friendly alternative to the traditional winter league. This league is specifically meant for new players looking to try their hand at baseball, so if you’ve always been waiting to try it out then now is the time!

WHERE: Ross Straw field, Parkville (Less than 15 minutes via public transport from Melbourne Uni)

WHEN: 8 Weeks in Autumn on Sunday Afternoons

COST: $60 (Includes UMBC Baseball cap)

No additional uniform or equipment is required.

If you are keen to be a part of this league please fill out this expression of interest form prior to Thursday 23rd March 11:59pm!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I play both Social and Winter league?
A: Certainly! If you are a returning UMBC member we may also waive the cost of your social league fee if you are willing to be a team leader!

Q: Do I have to be available each weekend?
A: Although it would be great if you could commit to the full season, we understand that sometimes other things are more important.

Q: Will I be able to move to Winter League after trying my hand at Social League?
A: Thats the plan! If you’ve having fun playing in the social league and want more (especially after it finishes) then there will still be plenty of winter league left.

Q: Will it take as long as a normal baseball game? Will I get to try out different positions? I don’t know if I’m ready yet?
A: Thats why its a social league! Alternative rules will apply to speed things up and keep things interesting.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask Keiran or Stephen at training, or email