The University of Melbourne Baseball Club uses the SportsTG online system in order to manage its membership base with compliance to Baseball Australia.

See below the link to the Baseball Victoria Portal, and some helpful directions to complete your registration successfully. The fee schedule for this year is as follows:


Membership Category Fee
University of Melbourne Student $ 190.00
Student of other university / concession $ 250.00
Adult Member $ 320.00

NOTE: Players need to pay their fees prior to playing their second game for insurance purposes. Hence, players that have paid their registrations by week 2 will be provided team selection priority. This also applies to participants that require a payment plan, who must make their first contribution prior to week 2.

Returning Winter Players

Your account will already be in the system, so you should just have to renew. This requires you to log in and pay using the ‘existing/renewing member’ tab (and update your details if required)

You will have likely forgotten your login- Just use the “forgot your password” button to have it emailed.

If you can’t figure that email out, CONTACT THE SECRETARY, they may be able to retrieve your details.

Transferring Players (From Summer, or other Winter Clubs)

You may run into some difficulty, as I’ve had to transfer you across to our club. Some of you may not have come into our system yet.

This is expected, so to ensure you are registering in the right club please check to see the relevant UMBC registration options are available (similar to the above).

If this is not the case, please send through a screenshot, and your details (your full name, and the summer club/the last club you played for)

I will work with you to assure you’re through the system properly before making payment. Please note 2016/17 Summer players have discounted fees, which are applied relative to your member category.

New Players (Both Male and Female)

You need to register for the first time through the “new registration” tab. You will find our club in the Melbourne Winter Baseball League. If you are seeking to play social league an alternative payment system will be provided- further information to come.

From here you will select your fee option, complete declarations and fill in appropriate details until you are an official member of our club.

Welcome aboard!

Payment Plans

We are aware that some of our cohort will have difficulty in meeting the upfront fee, especially new players that must also invest in uniforms and equipment.

Our goal is to get players onto the field, and we are committed to making this happen.

As such, if you genuinely require financial assistance (or do not have the capability to pay online) please get in touch with the secretary ASAP.

This can also apply to those that will not be able to play the majority of the season, but still want to participate- do note though, a minimum amount of $95 must be paid in order to play.