The University of Melbourne Baseball Club uses the SportsTG online system in order to manage its membership base with compliance to Baseball Australia. Note this year there has been a shift to a different system, so there may be some differences from previous and some kinks to work through.

See below the link to the Registration Portal, and some helpful directions to complete your registration successfully. The fee TOTAL (including Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia fees) for winter players this year are as follows:


Membership Category Club
Melbourne Uni Student Player Fee $ 110
Student of other university / Concession / Junior Player Fee $ 185
Senior Player Fee $ 260

NOTE: Players need to pay their fees prior to playing their second game for insurance purposes. Hence, players that have paid their registrations by week 2 will be provided team selection priority. This also applies to participants that require a payment plan, who must make their first contribution prior to week 2.

Returning Winter Players and New Players

Unless you played in the previous Summer season, you will have to create a new account. This should be a relatively simple process from the link above.

Transferring Players (from Summer, or other Winter Clubs)

If you played in the summer season just gone, you should already have an account. If you have forgotten your login reset your password through the “Forgot your password” prompt.

Previous systems have needed a system transfer from your previous club- This should not be the case anymore, but double check that you are on the UMBC portal (eg. It states the club at the top of the page)

If there are any of you waiting for clearances (ie. if you played at a different club last winter) please contact the secretary to ensure you are ready to register with us. Note your fee total will be cheaper than the above summary due to reduced BV/BA charges.

Payment plans

We are aware that some of our cohorts will have difficulty in meeting the upfront fee, especially new players that must also invest in uniforms and equipment. We understand that COVID has taken a toll on people’s finances, so if paying your fees in one hit is an issue for you, please contact us at to discuss a payment plan.

Our goal is to get players onto the field, and we are committed to making this happen.

The hard fee deadline is in late April. Anyone who has not paid their fees by this date will be ineligible to play until their fees are paid or a payment plan is established.

For players who start mid-season

For those who will not be able to play the majority of the season, but still want to participate, please note that the Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia fees (in most cases $100) will need to be paid prior to you playing.

The secretary can be contacted at