Firsts Report

North Coburg 5

Ryan Camov 2H 2R 1RBI 1SAB 1SB
Steven Lehmann 2H 2R 1HPB
Josh License 2H 2RBI 1BB
Justin Gourlay 3H 1R 2RBI 1K
Luke Chircop 1H 1R
Gary Mills 1R 1HPB 1RBI
Piers Gillet 1K
Anthony Bons 1H 1R 1RBI
Angus Blair 2H 1R 2RBI
Keiran Warnock 1H
Michael Fuller 1H 1R 2RBI 1K
Nathan McDonald 1H 2R 1RBI 1HBP 2K

David Asp 5INN 5Hits 4 SO 2 BB 2 ER 5 RS 85 pitches
Ryan Camov 2 INN 16 pitches


The game didn’t start that well, North Coburg started Nick Djornoski and Ryan went out on the first pitch. I then hit a single to right field. Nick did a good job holding me on, and Josh and Justin both got out.

The fielding innings for us starts good with Asp retiring the first two on weak ground balls. Then he walked their number 3 hitter, gave up a single to the number 4 and then Mick Aldis hit a double into the right field gap. Josh got to the ball but couldn’t make the catch so they scored two runs.

Next innings started okay with Mills getting a walk but then the next three guys got out. The fielding innings started well again with Asp getting the first two hitters out. Then an error by Camov and Asp walked another one then gave up a hit to right field. They had first and third occupied and a wild throw-over and another hit later and they have scored 3 runs to make the score 5 – 0.

Nathan started the innings with a K and Ryan got on with a bunt single. He stole second and I put the ball behind him and he got to third. Josh then singled him home. Justin went out so it was 5 – 1 at the end of the second.

Asp and I started to get into a rhythm and we have a three up three down innings with 2 Ks. Nick is still going strong for North Coburg and Mills and Bonsy go out. Keiran got a bunt single but Michael Fuller struck out.

Asp is getting stronger and throwing better so i leave him in for the 4th innings and we are rewarded with a short shutdown innings.

Nathan starts the innings with a walk, Ryan goes out and I get hit by another pitch (that’s 6 in 5 games!). Josh gets a hit and Nathan scores. Justin gets a hit and I score. Mills gets HPB as well and Bonsy gets a hit to left field to score Josh. North Coburg change pitcher.

Keiran hurt his hand in that last batting innings so I pinch hit with Angus and he gets a hit to score 2 runs. Michael Fuller hits a sac fly and then Nathan strikes out to end the dig.  We score 6 to bring the score to 7 – 5.

Asp says he’s good for one more and he is right, we shut them down in 9 pitches. We then have a three up three down batting dig.

I bring Camov on to pitch and Angus goes to third. Justin moves to short and the DH is out of the game. Ryan has a one, two, three dig; all ground ball outs. Justin made a diving play at short stop and had a strong enough arm to get the runner. No one else at the club would have made that play. Probably no one in B grade.

The batting dig starts well with Justin and Luke getting hits, then Bonsy hurts himself in the batters box and i have to bring Piers on to pinch hit with two strikes on him. He strikes out and now we’ve used all of the re-entry players.  Angus gets another hit for an RBI. Michael Fuller, Nathan, and Camov then follow up with three more RBI hits. I also get a hit but there was no one in scoring position. Josh gets walked and Justin gets his second hit for the day. Luke grounds Justin into a fielders choice and then Piers grounds out to end the innings.

We score 7 runs so now we’re up 14 – 5.

Camov then finished the game of with a three up three down innings.


– Steve

Fifths Report

G’day All,
Another season, another bunch of smiling new faces.

UMBC 5 defeated Essendon 3.

Hits: Hao (2x3b) 2, Ricky, Didier (2b), Brad, Ethan 1
BB: Muhammad, Ricky 1
HPB: Alan 2, Didier 1

A great way to start the year…albeit against a side of seven!!

Thanks to Cayden’s fine performance on the mound……3 Hits and 6 Strike Outs (Would have been 7 but for the Ump’s bad call!!) over 7 digs…..we managed to scramble a win.  Great help came from Jonathan and Brad with a couple of excellent flyballs. Jonathan and Hao then finished off the final dig with strong infield outs.

Hao set the game alight with his first ever at bat, smashing a 3 bagger over Left Field. Then, just to show it wasn’t a fluke, repeated the effort in the 5th to knock in a couple of runs. Didier also hit the ball hard to drive one in whilst Ricky and Ethan put the ball in play and gained the reward.  Apart from these highs we really struggled with the bat.  Two of our runs were scored by runners who had struck out but got on via  Pass Balls… fact without these bits of luck we may well have scored just one run.  The Essendon pitcher did a good job and was perhaps a little better than the average hurler we have faced in EE over the last few seasons but our 11 K’s flattered him somewhat. Johnny revealed a brand new tactic by sprinting towards home plate…..from the first base side!!!  They weren’t ready for that one.

All in all it was a rewarding day. We managed to blood seven players who had never played before and come away with a win. The enthusiasm was great and everybody concentrated on the game for the full seven digs.

Don’t forget to tell the coaches at training which position you played so that you can get lots of help and try to get as much batting as possible under your belts.