Let us know when you’re available to volunteer!

To keep things running smoothly on game day, we roster a few players at our home ground to help with the canteen, umpiring and scoring. This means that you might need to turn up to Ross Straw Field a couple of hours before your game or to stay afterwards to help out.
A couple of details about our volunteer roster:
  • You will only be rostered to volunteer if you are scheduled to play at our home ground.
  • Unless you have work or family commitments that impact you on game day, it’s very likely that you will be scheduled to volunteer 2-3 times throughout the season. Please let us know if you’re not available by completing the survey.
  • We understand that some people may not be comfortable umpiring or scoring yet, so we will take this into account with our rostering.
  • It’s a great way to meet new people from across the club! Get amongst it 😉
Could you please complete this survey to let us know your volunteering preferences and availability by Tuesday 19 April?