8th Annual Heritage Game recap

A summary of the successful 8th iteration of the Heritage Game is succinctly put by Richard King:

A quick match report to round off the 2015 edition of the UMBC v Westgarth Heritage Game.

First the important stuff:

  • It didn’t rain or snow and it wasn’t even that cold!
  • Westgarth were consummate hosts and I’ve sent a separate email thanking them for their hospitality
  • Nobody died (that I know of)
Heritage Game 2015
Back Row: Joe Keiper, Gary Mills, Geoff Freeman (HIDDEN), Richard Everingham, Michael Gregory, Richard King, Ron Steiner Front: Katrina Balzat, Glenn Matthews, Kirby Siemering, Garry Bitmead, Doug Reynolds, Rod McLellan

The less important stuff:

  • Lurch pitched and Bitty caught – by my estimate that makes the battery a combined 125 years old or so!
  • The young rookie (Joe Keiper – 43 years old) hit a bomb over the second set of classrooms and helped turn a double play that had the oldies scratching their heads wondering when they’d seen a better one!
  • Glenn Matthews took two catches and had two safe hits – both unheard of when he was a full time ball player!
  • Doug Reynolds again made the trek from Queensland to play – outstanding effort Doug
  • We have a team photo that transposes Geoffrey’s hair on to Kirby’s head
  • UMBC won

Sincere thanks to everyone who played or attended – it was a great day.

True to form, Ron Steiner has asked for the last word..and here it is…

Dear Kingy,

 Thank you so much for making sure that many of us have reduced egos and sore limbs. It was another fantastic day; it was a joy to catch up with so many familiar faces, on both sides, and to enjoy a good win. 

I’m embarrassed at how much I look forward to the legends game and I just wanted to say thanks, Kingy, for all the efforts that you make to ensure that we all remain connected.

 Looking forward to getting into my usual rigorous training regime in preparation for next year.

 Love to everybody.