Commencement of UMBC training

We commence pre-season training on Wednesday 6th of March (this upcoming Wednesday) starting at 5:00 pm in the nets, and then move to the Hockey field at 6:30 pm. We won’t have access to the area of grass within the nets area as Women’s cricket are currently gearing up for finals, and need to train. However, they have kindly allowed us to utilise the batting cages for our work.

As usual, a new intake of students will bring interest in the first few weeks, so as you usually do, if you’re able to lend them a hand or give them a tip, please do so.

Also, please remember, in the first few weeks (until advised otherwise), we ask you to wear runners to training, as no use of cleated shoes will be allowed on the hockey field.

It’s been a long off-season. Let’s gear up for an awesome 2013 winter campaign. Look forward to seeing you all in the weeks ahead.
Kind Regards,
Sid Paleri
UMBC Secretary

Players representing their state

UMBC congratulates their players who have been selected to represent their state at the upcoming Australian Women’s National Baseball Championships.
The tournament will be held over the Easter break.

Victoria Blue
Ursula Howard
Vic Brown
Bronwyn Gell

Victoria White
Mel Gregory (Assistant Coach, former UMBC women’s coach)
Jess Johnson and Ellen Goodrope were appointed captains of the team

Players in finals
There are a number of current UMBC members who are representing their summer clubs in the finals:
Steve Lehmann (Assistant Coach of UMBC) – Essendon
Richard King (Due to make his return to playing at UMBC again this year) – Essendon Coach
Casey Jones and Paul Jones – Essendon

In other news;
Robbie Higginson will be missed from the club this winter as his work has taken him to Perth.
Nicole Smith is getting married in April, congrats Nic!