Play of the Week – Round 4

This week marks the first round of the Play of the Week award. This award is for an individual or group (or even the whole team) for making a particularly good play while fielding, or doing something extraordinary while batting. It can be a great catch to some lucky baserunning that forced some errors. It can also be a tragic play, such as Zach’s ‘almost’ home run last week where he fell over between the bases! Anything that changed the pace of the game, or morale, even momentarily.

This week, the nominations were:

  1. Vibeke Pederson for her Grand Slam in the Womens (6 votes)
  2. Karl Whatham for his instinctive “hold the runner” play in the 3’s (1 vote)
  3. The whole Womens team for winning by Mercy Rule (1 vote)
  4. The 4’s for making a double play (0 votes)

So the winner is Vibs for her Grand Slam! Congratulations on winning the first Play of the Week.

Submissions and theĀ vote were taken on the Facebook group, so if you are interested in being involved, contact James Dann, Sid Paleri or Alan Yang so you can be added to the group.